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Single beehive in winter

SKU: 364215375135191

Usually beehives don't come on sale until bees are plentiful in Spring, but if you want to buy one in winter (April through July, possibly August), I'll sell it cheaper because it saves me having to look after it all winter!


    Single box (super) hive: 18 frame deep box, 16 frames, 8 frames of bees, laying queen, enough food stores for the near future -- may well need to be fed to get through to September depending on your local conditions.


    Because beehives do commonly fail in winter if not well cared for, I cannot absolutely guarantee their long-term survival, however if you wish to return for a refund due to newly discovered allergies to bees, they're clearly not doing well in your location, or other reason, I will aim to be accomodating!


    Shipping beehives is very problematic. Please talk to me about arrangements