Triple Beehive

Triple Beehive

Fairly new equipment in very good condition, gentle productive bees, brood comb has been aggressively rotated out so its not extremely dark and burred up, 2+ years of logs entries on every hive.


    Double hive: three 8 frame deep boxes, 23 frames, 20-23 frames of bees, laying queen, enough food stores for the near future -- may well need to be fed to get through to September depending on your local conditions.


    Because beehives do commonly fail in winter if not well cared for, I cannot absolutely guarantee their long-term survival, however if you wish to return for a refund due to newly discovered allergies to bees, they're clearly not doing well in your location, or other reason, I will aim to be accomodating!


    Shipping beehives is very problematic. Please talk to me about arrangements.